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Ohio V at the 2013 Summer GLRC

On 8/23/13 I headed out for the 2013 Summer GLRC in Muncie Indiana. My plan was to ride first to Cincinnati to visit an old teacher and then on to Muncie for the GLRC.

The ride to Cincinnati was great even though it was mostly freeway miles. The sun was shining and the temperatures were great for motorcycling. I met with my former 8th grade teacher and we shared some stories. She didn’t exactly remember who I was, but that was 30 years ago. She was very impressed with the patches and pins on my Blue Knights vest. She asked what they were and I explained to her who the Blue Knights were and what the patches meant. She was very proud that I had gone into law enforcement.

From there I made the trip to Muncie. This leg of the trip was mostly two lane highway at its best. I was mostly travelling on US 35, at least I believe that was the road. Along the way I thought I was lost and was passed by another Blue Knight on the highway. I got my bearings and caught up with Bob from Dover Ohio. We rode together into Muncie.

The first night of the GLRC was wonderful. We had hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner and all the liquid libation you could tolerate. I also managed to earn my SNORT TEAM patch. I cannot tell you how you earn it; you must attend a GLRC and find out. Needless to say, thank goodness for the shuttle bus!

On the second day of the conference was the business meeting in the morning. I was not able to make breakfast because…..well let’s just say I needed my sleep. At the meeting I met our new International President D.J. Alvarez. It was awesome that the International President could attend our conference. After that we had a police escort to a Harley Davidson dealership for a free lunch. We were then on our own until the afternoon. In the early afternoon we had a Police escort for a ride to the Muncie Indiana Memorial Bridge. On the side of the bridge is a black granite stone with all the names of public safety workers in Delaware County Indiana that have lost their lives in the line of duty. The ceremony was very nice.

That evening we had a dinner of pulled pork and grilled chicken. Delicious. There was more camaraderie and meeting new friends and old ones alike. The next morning was strong coffee, bag packing, and goodbyes until we meet again. As we say in the Blue Knights, there are no strangers only friends you haven’t met yet.

Shawn Snead
President Ohio V

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April Meeting

On Friday 4/26/13 we held our chapter meeting at L.E.P.D. Firearms & Range.  L.E.P.D. is owned and operated by Ohio V members Philip and Eric Delbert.  The doors opened for business on 4/9/13 and the Delbert’s are very excited about their new venture.  L.E.P.D.  offers a state of the art 35 seat classroom & range facility, OPOTA & NRA certified instructors, 12-lanes (75′) including 6 tactical lanes which can be used for real-life shooting scenarios, a 5k sq. ft. showroom displaying many of today’s popular handguns, rifles, & shotguns and offer classes ranging from introduction to handguns to the Ohio CCW to advanced CCW.  Click on the highlighted link to learn more about them.

L.E.P.D. Firearms & Range is the new home for Ohio V meetings!

The meeting was well attended by the membership and now that the weather is more ideal for riding, many of them took that opportunity and rode in.  We were also visited by Ohio IX President Steve Ashton and his lovely wife Lockett.  They also rode in and shared some of the rides they are planning down in the southwest corner of Ohio.  It was a pleasure to meet them and we hope to reunite with them soon and the rest of our Brothers and Sisters of Ohio IX.

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2013 Blue Knights Ohio IV Spring Breakfast

On Sunday April 21st brave Ohio V members Calvin Adkins and Shawn Snead, along with Larry Lucas braved the cold April morning to travel to North Canton for the Ohio IV Spring Breakfast. We set out at about 0830 for the trip north. The temperature was about 29 degrees when we left, but we are hardy souls and were prepared for the weather. Well some of us more than others.

The decision was made to take the fastest route to North Canton and most scenic route back home. So away we went on I-71 North to the promise of great food and great friends. About halfway there Shawn succumbed to his small gas tank and even smaller bladder and fuel stop was called. Larry found that he was not exactly prepared in the glove area for this cold and fast trip. A little ingenuity was called for. We got latex gloves from the Popeye’s Chicken staff and Larry had a sufficient wind break in his gloves to continue our trek to the North.

Upon our arrival at the 356th Fighter Group Restaurant we were warmly greeted by many other Blue Knights! The selection at the buffet was almost overwhelming, almost. We enjoyed a carving station, omelet station, seafood, breakfast food, and deserts to die for. We had our bikes blessed by GLRC Chaplain Reverend Richard Bartley. With bellies full we bid farewell to the other Blue Knights and began our trip back home.

We took U.S. Route 62 back home through beautiful Amish country. We encountered a detour and had to take S.R. 206. None of us really new that road but knew we needed to go south or west to get back home. That road was another blessing that day as it contained AWESOME twisties with serene hills and valleys. Unbeknownst to us, S.R. 206 has a terminus at S.R. 715, which another great motorcycle road. S.R. 715 leads to the Mohawk Dam. We travelled 715 back to 62 and back home via Mt. Vernon and Sunbury.

We had a great time on this trip and hopefully the tradition of the Ohio IV Spring Breakfast does not end.

Shawn Snead
Blue Knights Ohio V

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Ohio V Cook Out & Meeting

On Thursday 8/23/12 we held our August meeting at the Below Dam Picnic Area of Alum Creek State Park.  It was a beautiful evening to have an outdoor meeting and a great location for our members to bring the kids out to play.  President Shawn manned the grill and several members brought their favorite salads and desserts.  Business was discussed and our bellies were filled.

(click pic for slideshow)

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2012 Columbus Police Memorial Service

Ohio V members Ken and Ed, along with Street Guardian “Phoenix”, attended the Columbus Police Memorial Service.  The customary speeches were made by Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman and Columbus Police Chief Kimberley Jacobs.  The keynote speaker was Deputy Chief Stephen Gammill whose words spoke to the hearts of all those present.  As the names of each fallen Columbus Police Officer was spoken, the Columbus Police Honor Guard lit a blue candle in their honor.  Some candles were lit by family.  The ceremony ended with a twenty one gun salute, the playing of Taps by a bugler and the bagpipes playing Amazing Grace.

(Click picture to view slideshow)

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Ohio V Rides to D.C. for National Police Week

On Saturday May 12 at about 8 AM, a group of riders made the attempt to corral Ron Kuszmaul.  They found him parked at Quaker Steak & Lube in southern Delaware County.  As the riders approached, off he went southbound on IS 71.  Five riders were in hot pursuit.  Down IS 71 onto IS 270 they went until heading eastbound on IS 70.  Finally, in Cambridge, Ron pulled off for fuel and the five were on his tail.  But the five also needed fuel, so they fueled up the bikes.  At this point in the pursuit, Ken Garlock had to terminate the pursuit, family visitation and a midnight work shift was calling.  Now that left four to track down Ron.  He was off again still eastbound on IS70.  On Kuz rode, about 50 miles later over the radio Mike Brooks advised he to had to terminate the pursuit because of family commitments.  So three were left to chase down Ron.  Through West Virginia they went, into Pennsylvania and back into West Virginia southbound on IS 79.  Ron pulled over again near Waynesburg WV at Highway 21 and IS 79.  What made him stop? Lunch at Wendy’s of course.  The pursuers and Kusz called a truce and all had a nice lunch together.  At this point, John Boster had to leave the chase to the final two and headed back to Ohio.  Last known status of the chase, Ron with his pursuers, Larry Balla and Calvin Adkins, were somewhere eastbound on IS 68.

Now the real story.  Ron Kuszmaul, Larry Balla and Calvin Adkins were meeting up to ride together to National Police Week in Washington D.C.  Mike Brooks, Ken Garlock and John Boster met the three at Quaker Steak and Lube to ride along is support of they participation in National Police Week.  I am sure the three will represent Blue Knight Ohio V proudly and of course in the most professional manner.

(Update courtesy of John Boster)

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